1. General

These are the general terms and conditions for competitions which are carried out via Golf House Direktversand GmbH and Golf House GmbH directly or in conjunction with a cooperation partner of Golf House Direktversand GmbH. By taking part in a Golf House competition or a cooperation competition, the participant accepts these terms and conditions and, in case of individual competitions, specifically stated conditions and deadlines. The legal process is excluded.

2. Online competitions

The online competition is conducted by Golf House in cooperation with other various partners who provide the prizes for the competitions (prize sponsors). Golf House represents these cooperation partners and sponsordes prizes during the implementation of the competition and promises the donated prizes on their behalf. Only the respective sponsor is the offeror (within the meaning of §657 BGB (German Civil Code)). Golf House is not obligated to provide a service of its own, unless Golf House is the sponsor of the prize.

3. Competition conditions of participation

Any natural person of full age is eligible to participate, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Minors are not allowed to participate in competitions. For competitions with travel prizes in which rental cars are offered, the minimum age is 25. Prizes will not be given to minors. Furthermore, the following are excluded from participation:

a) Employees of Golf House Direktversand GmbH, Constantin Medien AG, the respective production companies responsible for the content, the participating providers, the participating prize sponsors as well as their respective relatives and legal representatives.

b) Persons who use forbidden tools or otherwise gain advantage through manipulation.

c) Participants who give untrue information about their person.

d) Persons who are excluded by Golf House from competitions for reasons of fairness and equality of opportunity towards other participants or who break the terms and conditions of participation.

4. Entry options for competitions

For competitions at www.golfhouse.com or other advertising media from Golf House, the following entry options are available:

a) Participation by e-mail
Send an e-mail to competition@golfhouse.com and state the answer, the title of the competition as well as your name, your age and your correct address for a possible notification or queries.

Only those e-mails can be considered in the determination of profits where all information is complete and correct.

b) Participation by postcard
Participation in competitions by postcard takes place by sending a postcard with sufficient postage to the following address (unless otherwise stated). Write down the sender's address and the title of the competition and, if applicable, the solution:

Golf House Direkversand GmbH
Keyword: Competition
Schnackenburgallee 149
22525 Hamburg, Germany

The closing date will be announced during each competition.

5. Execution and processing

If several participants have found the correct solution in a competition, the lot will decide.

Participation in the competition may require the entry of personal data, such as surname, first name, address, age and telephone number. All of this personal data will be treated by Golf House in accordance with the legal provisions (in particular data protection).

A winner will be notified by email or phone. If the notification is made by phone, Golf House will leave a message in case the winner cannot be reached personally, as far as technically possible. The winner must notify Golf House within a period of 7 days whether he/she accepts the prize. If the winner does not meet this deadline, Golf House is allowed to choose a new winner and give the prize to someone else. Compensation claims of the first drawn winner are excluded.

A claim to a prize arises exclusively upon receipt of a prize notification by Golf House or other persons authorized by Golf House. The participant is responsible for the correctness of the data provided. The personal details must be true, otherwise the participant will be excluded from the competition.

Golf House advises that no further confirmation of the winner is required by calling back a premium service, bulk service, shared cost service or similar value added numbers. Such prompts do not originate from Golf House; therefore, we strongly recommend that such prompts be ignored.

Golf House reserves the right to cancel or terminate a competition at any time without notice. Golf House will make use of this possibility in particular if, for technical or legal reasons, the proper execution of the game cannot be guaranteed. If such a termination was caused by the behavior of a participant, Golf House may demand compensation from this person for the damage incurred.

6. Winnings

Golf House will not repay any costs incurred in connection with the prize. There is no entitlement to cash payment for non-cash prizes or to a subsequent change. The claim to a prize is not transferable.

Golf House will not be liable for any damages incurred by a participant as a result of accepting or using the prizes provided. The claim to a prize will be forfeited if the transmission of the prize cannot take place within six months after the first notification.

Winnings will not be paid out in cash. This also applies if the prize is no longer available in the presented version. The winner will then receive a replacement of equal value or a voucher from the cooperation partner worth the original prize. A voucher must be added, also vouchers are not paid out in cash. The claim to a prize or any replacement cannot be assigned.

b) Material prizes
The presented item as a prize in the competition is not necessarily identical to the won item. Rather, there may be deviations with regard to model, color or something like that. The prize sponsor may select an item equivalent to the item presented as the prize. Non-cash prizes (with the exception of a car) and prize vouchers will be delivered directly by the prize sponsor, a shipping company, package service or post to the given address by the winner.

In the event that delivery is made via a freight forwarder, the freight forwarder will contact the winner to arrange a delivery date. Delivery will usually be made on weekdays between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. The winner must provide an alternative address in his/her immediate vicinity in addition to his/her address. The winner agrees that in his absence the prize will be delivered to this alternative address. If the shipping company does not find a person authorized to receive the prize either at the winner's address or at the alternative address, a message will be left. The winner shall bear the costs of a new delivery himself/herself.

d) Travel
In the case of travel prizes, processing shall take place exclusively in direct contact between the winner and the respective cooperation partner or a tour operator commissioned by the latter. If a travel date is not already specified in the competition itself, the cooperation partner or tour operator is solely responsible for setting the travel date. There is no entitlement to a specific travel date. If the trip is not carried out on the date or during the period specified by the prize sponsor or tour operator, there is no longer any entitlement to the prize.

Travel to and from the starting point of the trip (airport, train station, etc.) must be borne by the winner, unless otherwise stated in the competition or expressly agreed. The same applies to all costs incurred during the trip (minibar, phone number, etc.).

7. Data protection

The participant expressly agrees that the personal data provided by him/her may be stored by Golf House or a third party commissioned by Golf House. The participant also agrees that his/her data may be transmitted to the respective cooperation partner of the competition for the purpose of prize processing.

The participant is free at any time to withdraw the consent given to Golf House by written revocation. The revocation is to be sent to customerservice@golfhouse.com.

8. Other

Legal recourse is excluded. Should any of these conditions be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions of participation and implementation shall remain unaffected. The conditions of participation and implementation may be edited by Golf House at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons. Supplements and ancillary agreements with regard to the terms and conditions for prize processing must be made in writing to be effective.

9. Notices and conditions for competitions on social media platforms (such as Instagram and Twitter)

9.1 In addition to these terms and conditions for competition / data protection, the relationship between the organizer, the participant and the social media platform is determined by the conditions of participation of the respective social media platform and the privacy rules of the respective social media platform: Participants may not assert any claims against the respective social media platform that arise in connection with the use of the competitions application or participation in the competitions.

9.2 The participants acknowledge that both the sweepstakes application and the competitions are in no way sponsored, supported or organized by the respective social media platform or are in no way connected to it.

9.3 All information and data communicated through the use of the competitions application or during the competitions by participants or collected by them are provided only to the organizer and not to the respective social media platform.

9.4 All inquiries and notices regarding the competitions are to be directed to the organizer and not to the social media platform.

9.5 The participant assures that content uploaded by him, or content on content linked or embedded by him, does not violate applicable law. In particular, the participant assures that the posted contributions do not contain any insults, false facts, competition, trademark or copyright violations. Random House does not check the content. Golf House is not liable for the above mentioned violations, the participant is solely liable. The participant indemnifies Random House against all claims of third parties asserted in this context.

10. Conditions of Participation Facebook Competition

General conditions of participation for Facebook competitions of Golf House Direktversand GmbH, Schnackenburgallee 149, 22525 Hamburg, Germany or participation in connection with a cooperation partner of Golf House Direktversand GmbH - hereinafter referred to as "organizer".

10.1 Scope of application/exemption of Facebook
These terms and conditions of participation apply to all competitions that we conduct via the Facebook wall at www.facebook.com/golfhouse.de. In the course of this, only the Facebook profile name is recorded by the organizer.

The competitions via our Facebook wall are in no way connected to Facebook, Inc. or Facebook Ireland Ltd. The competitions are in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook and do not give rise to any legal claims against Facebook. All information within the scope of the competitions is provided exclusively by Golf House as the organizer.

10.2 Eligibility / Participation
By participating in the competition, the Facebook user expressly accepts these general conditions of participation.

Employees of Golf House Direktversand GmbH and its affiliated companies or of partners within the scope of the competition are excluded from participation. The same applies to their relatives or life partners.

Participation is only possible via the highly personal Facebook registration (own Facebook account). If the organizer becomes aware of technical manipulation or any other violation of these conditions of participation, he will exclude the participant from the competition. Technical manipulation includes, among other things, multiple registration of a person, participation via a lottery service or similar automated collective participation services. In such cases, the prize may also be subsequently withdrawn and a replacement winner drawn.

The start of the competition is the respective publication time on our Facebook page. Participation is only possible until the respective specified draw time. Please refer to the details of the competition on our Facebook page for the corresponding times.

Depending on the competition, participation is possible, for example, by liking a post on our Facebook page, commenting on it or writing a message to Golf House as the operator of the Facebook page. In addition, the organizer sometimes also conducts creative contests to determine a winner. In order to participate in such contests, it is necessary for the participant to post a photo/picture or text via the Golf House Facebook page beforehand.

Additional terms and conditions apply to such postings, as follows: The uploaded photo/picture or posted text entry must not infringe any third party rights. Therefore, it may only be photos/pictures or texts that the participant has taken or created himself/herself. In particular, photos may not depict persons who do not consent to being depicted for this purpose, nor may they depict works of third parties (architecture, art, trademarks, etc.), if copyrights and/or ancillary copyrights exist in this respect and permission to use them for this purpose does not exist.

Uploaded photos/pictures or posted texts (e.g. poems) may not contain any illegal or immoral content, e.g. pornographic, inciting hatred, inhuman or otherwise contrary to the sense of decency of all fair and just thinking people.

In the event of violations of these rules, the participant shall be liable for any legal violations. In this respect, the participant shall fully indemnify Golf House against all claims of third parties including the necessary costs of legal defense and prosecution.

By posting the photo/picture, the participant agrees that the photo/picture will be published in the Golf House Facebook photo album with the participant's name (or Facebook profile name). The photo will only be used by us in connection with the competition. However, the participant is aware that posted photos/images or posted texts may also be discussed and linked via the Golf House website as well as third parties in social media (especially Facebook).

For the use of the photo by Golf House, the participant transfers free of charge the right to reproduce the photo/picture temporally and spatially unrestricted, to distribute it as well as to feed it into electronic databases (Facebook, Google image search and all services connected to these media), electronic data networks, telephone services, etc., and to store it and to use it by means of social media (especially Facebook, Google image search and all services connected to these media) and to make them accessible to a large number of users by means of digital or other storage and transmission technology in such a way that they can receive the images of them on individual demand at short notice by means of a television, computer, cell phone including all transmission paths (cable, radio, microwave, satellite) and all methods (GSM, UMTS, etc.) as well as including all protocols (e.g. TCP/IP, http, WAP, HTML, XML, etc.). The organizer reserves the right not to publish photos/pictures or other posted contributions, or to publish them only in abbreviated or modified form, provided that this does not distort the meaning or message content.

Which specific actions are required in each case in order to participate in a competition on the Facebook page Golf House, please refer to the description of the competition on the relevant pinboard.

Participation after the specified deadline for offering the prize is excluded. The electronically logged receipt by the organizer is decisive. The organizer cannot be held responsible for any technical malfunctions, e.g. possible telephone network failures or server malfunctions, which prevent timely participation.

11. Your rights regarding Golf House:

With regard to your personal data, you have the right pursuant to Art. 15 et seq. GDPR the right to information, correction and deletion as well as to the restriction of processing, to object to processing, to portability and the right to complain to the competent supervisory authority. Golf House will be happy to provide you with information about your stored data upon request. For this purpose, please contact Golf House Direktversand GmbH, Schnackenburgallee 149, 22525 Hamburg, Germany or privacy@golfhouse.com

Information about your right of objection according to Art. 21 GDPR

a) You have the right to object at any time, on grounds relating to your particular situation, to the processing of personal data relating to you which is carried out on the basis of Art. 6 (1) (e) and (1) (f) GDPR (data processing in the public interest or on the basis of legitimate interest(s)). This also applies to profiling based on these provisions within the meaning of Art. 4 (4) GDPR. After an objection has been lodged, Golf House will no longer process your personal data, unless Golf House can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for the processing which override your interests, rights and freedoms, or the processing serves to assert, exercise or defend legal claims.

b) Golf House will process your personal data in individual cases for the purposes of direct marketing. You have the right to object at any time to the processing of personal data concerning you for the purposes of such advertising. This also applies to profiling within the meaning of Art. 4 (4) GDPR, insofar as it is related to such direct marketing. If you object to processing for direct marketing purposes, your personal data will no longer be processed for these purposes.

c) The objection/cancellation of your consent can be made form-free and should preferably be addressed to: Golf House Direktversand GmbH, Schnackenburgallee 149, 22525 Hamburg, Germany, Tel.: (+49) 040/43136110, email: customerservice@golfhouse.com