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Lignum Golf - affordable and diverse golf accessories

Lignum Golf has been offering a wide variety of golf products on the market for years. Golf balls, tees and accessories in various colors and packaging units are part of the Lignum Golf program. However, the Austrian company from Unterrohrbach is primarily known for its golf tees. These plastic golf tees are available at Golf House in various lengths and different colors. Above all, the height markings along the tees prove extremely helpful to golfers.

Lignum Golf - teeing up made easy

For high flexibility, higher ball speeds and break sensitivity - that's what golf tees from Lignum Golf stand for. All factors that benefit your game. This is because the speed of the club head is reduced by friction and resistance during direct contact with the ball to a much lesser extent than with conventional golf tees from other manufacturers. Accordingly, the tees have been designed to be more flexible in order to get the maximum club head speed and thus ball speed out of them. Thanks to the individual 'tee height adjustment', identified by rings, golfers are able to control their tee shots better and thus achieve more precision.
Lignum Golf - diverse range of golf tees

Durability and flexibility, as well as optimal handling for golfers of all skill levels, prove to be the number one choice in golf tees. At Golf House, you'll find a wide selection of golf tees from Lignum Golf in a variety of pin heights. Thus, they are available in heights ranging from 62mm to 82mm.

Convince yourself of the good quality of Lignum golf tees and benefit from the innovative ring system on your tees to get the desired distance, accuracy and consistency.

Lignum Tees 72mm white
Lignum Tees 72mm Women and Men
available in: 72 mm
Lignum Tees 82mm white
Lignum Tees 82mm Women and Men
available in: 82 mm
Lignum Tees 62mm white
Lignum Tees 62mm Women and Men
available in: 62 mm
Lignum 72 mm pink
Lignum 72 mm Women
available in: 72 mm
Lignum Tees 38mm white Lignum Tees 38mm white
Lignum Tees 38mm Women and Men
available in: 38 mm

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